Teaching Math, Science and Art outdoor

Borensberg, Sweden - Teaching Math, Science and Art outdoor

Borensberg, Sweden
Jumapili 19.5.2019
kutoka 18:00
Ijumaa 24.5.2019
Hadi 18:00
Borensberg, Sweden
Onyesha kwenye ramani
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- knowledge and methods to teach math, science and craft interdisciplinary ‘out-of-doors’
- a toolbox of ideas for teaching outdoors
- ways to motivate students and to promote health.
- ability to adapt the methods to each ones professional life and place of learning.
- gain knowledge about the theoretical basis of outdoor educational pedagogy, research and literature
- learn about outdoor pedagogy in a cross-cultural perspective and share experience and knowledge with others
- develop a personal activity plan - how to put new knowledge into action back home and how to support the school development in the field of outdoor learning
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